As we announced over a month ago, we were selected to coordinate BizBash Expo Pre-Party at Noor. Amidst our excitement, we knew we had to storm up new ideas to present at the pre party to the 300 invited guests. For those who are not familiar with BizBash Magazine- it’s an industry magazine for event planners. The latest ideas, venues, caterers (you name it) are published in this magazine over nine different cities across America.

We were onto our research to bring forth new ideas ourselves and make sure Noor’s unique space was highlighted well. Since Noor offers two different banquet halls as well as a foyer, balcony and terrace we drew up a plan to keep the guests entertained.

The event began in the Sophia Foyer with an Old Hollywood theme. Usually, the theme includes flapper girls, fedora hates, feathers & B/W movie rolling in the background. We went a step beyond by incorporating old Hollywood vintage posters, one of a kind velvet cocktail table covers, unique candlebras adorned with black magic roses & a few surprises. As the guests walked the red carpet they were greeted by our very own Charlie Chaplin impersonator (I might add that he is also great Marlon Brando impersonator soon as the hat comes off). The crowd feasted on Noor’s own special hors d’oeuvres – Corriander Seared Scallops in Miso, Tamarind Broth Braised Beef Short Rib on Roasted Corn Pancake with Blueberry Tempranillo Jam,
Chilled Fava Bean and Fennel Soup with Grilled Prosciutto, Skewered Quail Eggs with Three Spiced Salts (Orange Zest, Tarragon and Chinese Five-Spice). Furthermore, bartender’s shook up specialty drinks such as the Glam Mojitos.

Passed the glamourous foyer, guests stepped out to a black & white balcony overlooking historic Pasadena architucture. Tall white chivary chairs covered with black cushions spread throughout the balcony, black hygrengas highlithed the white satin table covers as well as hints of black pillows and throws welcomed guests to comfort on all white sofas. The choice in theme was simple-Bizbash Expo 2011 was in Los Angeles and the number one concept that comes to mind when you think L.A. you think Hollywood-so why not Old Hollywood!

As the event got under way, Richard Aaron, President of BizBash welcomed the guests into the main banquet hall “Sophia”. As the doors opened, Media City Ballet performed an outstanding quickstep number. As guests enjoyed the up beat performace, we set up three different sample tables to exhibit our talent. All three sample tables were decked out in three very different concepts (Drama, Elegance & Nature). This was one of our surprises to keep the guests engaged and excited. Then it was time to show off Ella (second banquet hall within Noor). By mingling into the crowd and inviting them to be part of the act, the dancers moved all the guests to Ella banquet hall.

A five feet long ice creation reading B-I-Z-B-A-S-H welcomed the crowd to Ella as bartenders poured “The Biz Martini’s” through the ice louge. Inside Ella, blue lights highlighted the grey walls and white light up stages, tables and ottomans illuminated the room. We chose to work with the color scheme for several reasons- one, the word ‘noor’ translates to illumination in Farsi. Two, BizBash Logo incorporates blue into letters B I Z on every cover of their magazine. Lastly, we wanted a complete change of mood-from classy & elegant to super modern, sensual & relaxed. Here, everyone was in for a sweet treat-literally & technically. The mini dessert bar was created on all shapes & size vases full of blue water and covered with all white plates.Nestled in the plates were mini cream puffs, cream brulees, fruit tarts. For an ultra sugar rush, few steps away from the mini dessert bar was the Crepe station and for caffiene addicts like ourselves we offered freshly brewed espresso’s as well. Finally, the place would not have been complete if we didn’t incorporate white phalaenopsis orchids all over Ella. As the guests took in the various changes in set up, Media City Ballet group was up on the light up stages for another perfromance-this time it was burlesque time. Thereafter, DJ Jazz was on the spin tables playing all sorts of fun & hip music-keeping all the guests on their feet.

We are confident to say the party was a success.Towards the end of the night, Mr. Aaron, stated that we had pulled off one of the hardest chores in producing an event and that is having guests move from one space to another without any distractions and I quote “job well well done.”

However, we would not be writing this blog post if the opportunity was not offered to us by Robert and Maggie Shahnazarian. They believed in us and in our ability. In addition, our dedicated vendors passion & dedication made the party a success.

We Thank You!

In our eyes, Noor is a jewel in the heart of Pasadena!